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OK, we know what is browser compatibility of a web site or a web page. We use  W3C Markup Validation Service to get good result in web pages on browser compatibility. If the site is fully compatible with any browser available, then we say the site is x-browser compatible.

Well, if you are a web designer someone had tried to make an HTML email you might know how difficult to see it looks same in all email clients( Gmail, Yahoo mail, Live mail, outlook 2007, MacMail ect). Coz they render in different way. Unlink web browsers email clients do not render the HTML code in same manner. You might feel enough with Outlook 2007 and GMail for sure. ;). So there is not standard for emails.

But you will be learned the best practices of coding HTML emails by having lots experiences in coding HTML emails practically. In AppleNewsletters.com we have hundreds of experiences in HTML emails. So we solve any display issue regarding email rendering. Yeah. Any display issue.. That's right. :D. We called it x-Mail Client Compatibility. We guarantee x-mail client compatibility.

We proudly announced we are the first x-mail client compatibility guaranteed email coding solution provider. (We provide testing results on 17 Email clients per client's requests)

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22 September 2010
A 100$ discount announced for 100% compatible Emails, E-Newsletters, Templates more

04 August 2010
We launched our MailChimp site for MailChimp users. more

03 June 2010
As unique Email designing solution provider we got listed as a MailChimp Expert. more


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