• HTML Email Design form PSD to MailChimp

    PSD to MailChimp

    In 2012 we have introduced a new offer for all Mailchimp customers. We convert your PSD design to a Mailchimp Template for just $175.

    This is a limited time offer. please contact us for more details.


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  • HTML Email for MailChimp, aWever, VerticalResponse, ConstantContact

    HTML Email Folio

    HTMLmails.com is our latest portfolio site which is dedicated to custom HTML email template designs for aWeber, Vertical Response, ConstantContact, CampaignMonitor etc.

    Special offer may be announced in this site.


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  • HTML Email Design Gallery

    Our New Site!

    CustomEmailTemplate.net is one of portfolio sites which we launched for custom email template design and development services.

    You may find some interesting offers in the site when you Google the site!!! (SECRET HINT).


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  • HTML email creative apple newsletter great design

    2012 Offer!

    Now $100 off from projects on Email design and coding, new, Don't miss this chance. Applies for aWeber, ConstantContact, iContact, CampaignMonitor, VerticalResponse templates .

    Offer valid till February 21st  2012. More special discounts on bulk email projects.


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  • MailChimp Expert Exchange Program, custom email templates

    50% back from MailChimp!

    We are eligible for MailChimp’s Expert Exchange Program and you will get discounts from MailChimp.

    As registered Mailchimp Experts, a customer will be able to get back from Mailchimp for up to 50% of their costs..


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  • Compatible emails

    X-client compatible Templates!

    It is really hard to make a email looks same in every email clients, when we talk about template it's even harder.

    But we provide best solution for this. With out X-Client compatible coding your mail will look same in every email client.


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  • Email Flyer


    E-flyers play a significant character in marketing section in modern world. We give you very attractive eflyers for your business.

    We mostly concentrate on anti-spam solutions for our customers.


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  • HTML Email, Custom email template service

    Email Marketing Templates!

    If you have an online store you definitely need to send your store updates to your customer. Email is the best and effective way for that.

    AppleNewsletters.com provides best solutions for market your store. We undertake Design, code, update and managing your marketing campaigns for you.


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  • Outlook 2007 Emails

    X-Client Compatible Emails!

    Email clients render HTML in different different ways. So it is really hard to trust you get the same look in every email client..

    With our email coding experiences we provide x-client compatible solutions for our customers.


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  • Email Newsletters, custom newsletter templates


    E-Newsletters are very effective for spread your market. It gives very quick and easy description about your products or services.

    We undertake to design your newsletter as your wish .


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  • E-Invitations, email invitation design


    You might need to send messages such as even invitations, update notifications, to your customers.

    We give you the best solutions to reach you in attractive manner with anti spam solutions.


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  • Email Ads, eshot, email design

    HTML Email Ads!

    To promote your your products or services you can use E-Adverts or E-Shots.

    With our experience we give you very attractive solutions for email advertising.


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  • Custom Email Newsletter Templates

    E-Newsletter Templates!

    If you use any email marketing tool like mail chimp, Aweber, iContact, VerticalResponse ect it is really hard to change their free templates to your brand.

    But we can create a attractive E-newsletter template for you according to your branding details.


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  • email header


    E-letterhead lets your customers to know how you care about your cooperate identity.

    From our E-Letterhead solutions you really don't have to care about your contact details.


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Welcome to AppleNewsletters.com | The HTML Email Design Office

AppleNewsletters.com | The HTML Email Design Office is a unique service provider for Email design and coding especially for E-Newsletter templates. We provide custom template design for email marketing tools such as VerticalResponse, Aweber, iContact, MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, Campaigner, EmailVision, GetResponse, ExactTarget etc. We also undertake updating html email newsletters.

Our best solution you can get is x-mail client compatible coding. It is guaranteed. Yes, we do guarantee our work because we are 100% sure of our skills.

MailChimp Experts for budget email designsExperienced Coders.

x-mail client compatibility for emails is mostly based on testing. But we can reduce a significant amount of time as we are really good at email coding. We really guarantee the look of the mail on Outlook 2007.

We test on anti-spam on almost every email client.


What We Provide?

Custom Email Newsletter Templates (Design & Coding)

Custom Email Newsletter Templates for Email marketing tools (Design and Coding)

x-Client compatible Custom E-Newsletter Templates

x-Client compatible Custom E-Newsletter Templates for email marketing tools

HTML Emails Design & coding


x-Client compatible HTML Email Design & Code

x-Client compatible E-Flyers

Email Templates for your marketing requirements

anti-spam solutions

anti-spam checking

x-client compatibility checking

API Integration to Email, E-Newsletter, Marketing templates


Special Offers for
PSD to Email
PSD to Email template


We accept -

MailChimp Templates

MailChimp Experts for MailChimp Templates

We provide custom MailChimp template from  $ 395

Your design, We slice and code (PSD to Email) -  $ 295
We design , We slice and code -  $ 395
X-Email Mail Client Compatibility - $ 100

To learn more please visit http://mailchimpexpert.applenewsletters.com/


Question? Chat Now !!!


Get in touch

We work Mondays to Saturdays from 01:00 GMT to 19:00 GMT. On Sundays we might be available for conversation and inquiry, but will not provide services.

You may reach us via IM  on 01:00 to 19:00 GMT. The fastest and best way to reach us is from 01:00 to 19:00 GMT.
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Tel: +94 11 565 8855
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