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AppleNewsletters.com is launched to promote Email design and coding services globally. We have a lot of experience in designing and coding emails for varies companies through online market places. We are specialized in Newsletter Template designing for email marketing tools such as MailChimp, iContact, Aweber, VerticalResponse, SendBlaster, GetResponse, CampaignMonitor ect. Our goal is to produce high quality e-mails for our clients that follows the industry's standards and best practices.

img_1Guaranteed x-Client Compatibility.

Guaranteed !
Yes, we guarantee our work. We promised to make the mailer looks same on all email clients. We also provide testing on them.

Testing includes Yahoo mail, AOL mail, Gmail, MSN Mail, Live Mail, Hotmail, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, Eudora, Lotus Notes.


What's so special with email coding?

OK, will see what experts think about this matter. Here is an exact extract of the 2009 Email Standards Project  http://www.email-standards.org.

Why Web Standards Matter for Email
It’s been almost 10 years now since the broader web design world was introduced to the ideas, and the importance, of web standards. The Web Standards Project taught us all that we shouldn’t have to code the same page twice for Netscape and Internet Explorer. By designing to web standards, and with the help of increasing browser support, we could reduce the time and money spent coding and make lighter, faster, more accessible websites.

Unfortunately, just like that Celine Dion song from Titanic, HTML email rendering has been left in 1998. Getting even a relatively simple design to work in the 10 or 12 major email clients can be a very frustrating task, and support is getting worse, not better. It’s time for web designers and email client developers to realise that we need to follow the path that web standards for browsers has cut so clearly.

HTML email is here to stay
Designers, particularly web standards designers, have not shown a lot of love for the idea of HTML email. Key figures in the industry have spoken out against it, and the general approach has been very much ‘Don’t do it’.

This approach has proven to be ineffective; The use of HTML emails has greatly increased, and there are some very solid reasons for that:

Every popular email client sends HTML email
Not only that, but most have HTML as the default sending format. Since the massive majority of email users are not web designers, they don’t have the same philosophical or technical objections to the idea of HTML in email, and are just happy to be able to paste images into their messages.


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22 September 2010
A 100$ discount announced for 100% compatible Emails, E-Newsletters, Templates more

04 August 2010
We launched our MailChimp site for MailChimp users. more

03 June 2010
As unique Email designing solution provider we got listed as a MailChimp Expert. more


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